Mags' Bakehouse | Our story
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Our Story

Mags’ Bakehouse is a family-run business looked after by husband and wife team Pat and Mags Bergin, at their purpose built bakery in Nenagh, Co Tipperary. They both grew up in homes where local buttermilk, butter, and fresh eggs, were used on a daily basis to make delicious, homemade bread, and cakes.

Mags recognized that there was a significant local demand for traditional baked goods like scones, tarts, and Soda bread. So, with a passion for great quality food, lots of patience, determination, and the delicious family recipes handed down from Mags’ mother and grandmother, the Mags’ Bakehouse was born.

Mags and Pat feel a strong sense duty towards their customers and have committed to always being true and honest about their ingredients and process, and to maintain only the highest standards. This commitment to quality has helped them to win multiple awards, including the Blas na hEireann and Great Taste awards from the Guild of Fine Foods for their range of bread, scones, and tarts (See our products page for more information).


They operate a fully manual process using Spelt flour, wholemeal flour, pinhead oatmeal and bran, and their bread is handcrafted and baked in a stone-based, deck oven which gives a lovely aroma, flavour, and texture to the products.

The Schedule

  • 7pm

    Getting started

    We begin by preparing by hand each our mixes and pastries.

  • 9pm

    Into the Ovens

    Our bread and tarts are placed carefully in our stone-based, deck ovens.

  • 11pm

    Quality control

    The bread is taken out of the ovens and individually checked for quality.

  • 2am

    Wrapping up

    Everything is individually wrapped and packed, and prepared for delivery to Tipperary, Clare, and Galway.

  • 5am

    On the road

    And we're off to deliver our bread, tarts, and other goodies across the country to your local supermarket's door.


A Little About Us

Mags Bergin

“I was born and grew up in Cahir, Co. Tipperary, with 3 sisters and 3 brothers. Aside from our three kids, we also have 3 dogs – Fluffy is a 9-year-old, mini jack Russel cross. We also have Milo and Bindi (brother and sister), who we rescued from an equine centre in Mallow, they’re poodle/terrier cross – they certainly keep me fit!


I started the bakery business in 2004 from my kitchen. Things have certainly changed since then, and we now we have a purpose-built bakery, with amazing stone-based, deck ovens – all still under the same roof! We bake with ingredients that you’d find in any kitchen across the country, and we still use my mother’s and granny’s recipes.


Home baking was an everyday staple in our house, you can always taste the difference in a home-baked product. My granny would regularly come over when we were kids, to bake for us our daily bread, scones, and tarts. We were very lucky to have apple trees in our garden, which granny would use for our tarts, crumbles, and  jams. I’ll never forget us all playing on the homemade see-saw in the garden, eating my mother’s fantastic gingerbread with a glass of milk.


We hope you love what we make as much as we do!”

Pat Bergin

“I was born and grew up in Rosegreen (Cashel), Co.Tipperary, along with my brother and sister. The family we have now is considerably bigger even before sharing the house with the entire kitchen team, the three dogs, and our own kids. Neil, our eldest is in University, and the two girls – Elke, who studying for her leaving certificate, and Lisa (the baby!) is in her transition year. Aside from looking after the kids, helping Mags to manage the bakery, and running my own picture framing business. I’m also involved with North Tipperary Wheelers cycling club which i love and it keeps me fit.


The Bakery is very much a big family business and something that we all love. It’s also great to be part of the network of other local businesses, especially those that we buy our ingredients from, like our amazing apples that we peel, core, and slice, every day from Con Traas’ Apple Farm in Moorstown, Cahir, or the buttermilk we get from Arrabawn dairies. 


We hope that you love our products as much as we enjoy making them!”